- 01.11.2015
It's a new year and a new comic update! Are you excited? Because I'M PUMPED UP!!! RRAAAHHHH! Pages will update weekly every Sunday! So instead of waiting half a year for a new comic you'll get them weekly until I run out of pages....

I hope everyone had a good 2014! It was a super cool year and a ton of fun! I am looking forward to 2015 and the adventures that await!

Witches Get Stitches updates every Sunday.

- Jet City Comic Show - November 7-8th
- Small Press Expo - September 19th-20th
- Rose City Comicon - September 19th-20th
- VanCAF - May 23rd-24th
- Emerald City Comic Con - March 27th-29th
- BellCAF - March 14th
- Exterminator City III - February 21st
- Jet City Comic Show - November 8th
- Bellingham Comicon - October 18th
- Rose City Comicon - September 20th-21th
- Exterminator City II - August 3rd (Featured poster artist)
- Portland Zine Symposium - July 12th-13th (Not present but zines available at table 35a)
- Olympia Comics Festival - June 7th
- Exterminator City - April 5th
- Emerald City Comic Con - March 28th-30th Table X-10
- Jet City Comic Show - November 2nd

Laura D. Graves is a comic artist and illustrator from Seattle Washington. Laura is literally made out of spiders and eats bugs. She always wanted to be in a metal band but since she is a terrible musician and vocalist she draws really bad comics instead. You can contact her at mail[at]tribal-century.com

- 2012 December [WEB COMIC] Tribal Century (discontinued)
- 2013 November [COMIC] BUTTS2BUTTS
- 2014 March [COMIC] Chopping Block
- 2014 June [COMIC] Benefits published in The Stranger
- 2014 June [ARTWORK] Unreleased by Mississippi Jones
- 2014 September [COMIC] Forbidden Burrito published in Sentinel Magazine
- 2014 September [COMIC] Deathspell Meat Girl
- 2015 January [WEB COMIC] Witches Get Stitches webcomic launched